Work isn’t too bad when you make a new awesome friend!

I made a friend at work a few weeks ago named Lauren. She’s really awesome. She’s funny and really nice. The place we work at really sucks. I guess retail just sucks, and always will, any store you work at. Obviously neither of us like our jobs, and we always bitch and moan. It’s awesome to have someone to bitch and moan with at work 🙂

Tonight she gave me a Limited Edition Pink CHI flat iron! CHI’s are really expensive! How sweet of that girl! 🙂

Limited Edition Pink CHI
My new Limited Edition Pink CHI!

Well that was the highlight of my night. The store today was a total mess because it’s Saturday. And of course everyone and their demon children were out shopping for Halloween costumes. Thank God for my recent PROMOTION! Yeah, yesterday I found out I got a promotion as a key holder. Now I’ll be making twice more than what I’m making now which of course is awesome. I’m excited. The only thing I’m not so stoked about is closing. I have to close all the time, but now being a key holder, I have way more responsibilities. But I only have to stick it out for awhile. The store’s only open for a little over a month, because it’s a Halloween store. I need to start looking for a new job soon.

Well, I’m just going to relax now and watch Knocked Up. See ya.

My Halloween Costume!

One of the perks, if not the only perk, for working at a Halloween store, is having a 30% employee discount! Tonight at the end of my shift at work, I bought the cutest costume and I’m more than excited to wear it! Look how cute it is! It’s called “50’s Flirt”! It’s originally $49.99, but with my discount, the total was $37.88! As cute as this one is, it probably wont be my only costume. There are so many cute Playboy costumes, I just want to buy them all. And I probably will! The second one I might buy pretty soon is the “Sexy Scholar”. It’s funny how the only costumes I want, are the ones that Kendra Wilkinson is not modeling in. I can’t stand Kendra, she’s pretty annoying. The ones she models in are really lame ones. Anyway, “Sexy Scholar” is $69.99. I think I’m a little addicted to these costumes now. All my paychecks will probably be spent at the store. I’m crazy enough to almost want to wear these every day as outfits! Haha, just kidding. But seriously, I’m in love with the Playboy costumes 🙂

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